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Norman Marketing has been supporting businesses for the last 10 years with Website Design, Blog Design, Email Newsletters, Social Media Strategy/ implementation and building SEO with Content Marketing.

Today’s marketing Strategy relies primarily on Content which we Specialize in!

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New Business Startup Package

open-sign-1617495__340This has everything you need for your new business start-up! You get a custom website with Social Media links, a custom Blog and we set up your Social Media all for $999!



We specialize in WordPress Websites and Blogs. Your Website will include your domain, your logo, company content, images, Social Media links and contact forms custom made for your business. Website monthly maintenance is optional. SEO is included and analytics will be provided to measure your success.

*$499 Bare Bones Website (4 Custom Pages to get you on the map!)

*$1500 Website Design with your Logo, images and Content (4 Pages +Blog & SEO)

*$100 Monthly maintenance and revisions (Optional)


A professional Blog will be created and designed to fit your company needs, look and feel. All stories are informative and inspiring to give your company that edge and build recognition in your industry. SEO development is Included. Need someone to write fresh content for your Blog and build SEO? We do it!

*$1000 SKEID (Long ship)- Creation & setup of WordPress Blog

*$1000 Custom written Content for your Blog (4 Stories a mo. with Media & SEO) 

newsletter-566346__340EMAIL NEWSLETTERS

Company Newsletters are created and designed to fit your company feel. All the stories are informative and inspiring to give your company that edge and build recognition in your industry. If you have your own written content, I will make it professional and send it to everyone on your email list. I will also maintain your subscriber list to build your contacts and optimize your reach. Analytics will be provided to measure your success.

*$500 BYRDING (Light)- Custom 2 Story Newsletter 

*$1000 KNARR (Heavy)- Custom 4 Story Newsletter 

twitter-292994__340 SOCIAL MEDIA

I will assess your type of business or organization and then implement a Social Media Strategy choosing only the Social Media that best fits you. If needed, I will help you manage your Social Media. SEO Development is Included. Today, Social media is a necessary leg to your marketing strategy.

*$25 Infographics and Image Ads for Social media Posts and Print

*$500 Social Media Strategy and Set-up 

*$500 (Monthly Cost) Total Social Media Management

free-vector-viking-ship-clip-art_108587_Viking_Ship_clip_art_hightTHE FULL VIKING RAID

Custom Company Blog integrated with your Company Newsletter & Social Media (4 Stories a month with Media and SEO Integration). This will maximize SEO for your company

*$2000  Drekkar (Warship) Save $500!

*Non-Profits! Ask how to get 20% off!*

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Call: 206.413.1647

Or Email me below. I will promptly get back with you.

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I was just a man with a lawn mower and not much money to set up my business. Robert advised me on how to start and then he built a website that drove business to me! Two years later I was able to invest in bigger dreams. Robert you really know what your doing. Thank you!

-Boston Yard Landscaping Services