Robert Norman is native to Seattle and has spent the last 10 years helping Businesses and Organizations build SEO with Content Writing for Blogs, Email Newsletters, Info-graphics and Social Media. As an artist he has eye for creating content that is not only inspiring to read but engaging to look at. If you need a good website or an overhaul to your marketing Strategy contact Robert.

I created this business because I wanted to build a legacy for my sons and serve those with the ambition to serve their community. I grew up without a Dad and spent most of my life trying to find an identity or something that says… “I come from here”. I worked hard and learned everything I could. That process is realized today and my work will be given to the next generation of Norman.

Now, I create identity for businesses and I hope to be of service to you!

“The landscape is always changing but one thing that does not change is the need to be heard. Being heard now a days does not mean a simple ad in the local paper. You need an aggressive Content Strategy that will build recognition, give you visibility and make you stand out from the rest.”

Marketing Statistics:

*Email is the preferred communication for 72 percent of consumers.-MarketingSherpa

*Email marketing strategies are used by 82 percent of business to business and business to customer companies. –Ascend2

*The average return on investment for email marketing is $38 for every $1 spent. –DMA National Client Email Report 2015

*Out of the 89%of marketers, email is number one for lead generation. – Mailigen

*Email is the number one analytics data for marketers. –Forbes

*Email Newsletters have a 90% higher rate of converting your prospect into a customer than Social Media -Constant Contact

*“56% of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates says” -IBM

*“Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates 3 times as many leads” -demandmetric